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Val Lawson's Gallery

Val's expressive paintings are inspired by the world around her, memories of travels, favourite places and special people - increasingly interpreted in abstracted ways. She works in oils, acrylics and mixed media, and enjoys trying new techniques. Influences include Monet, Van Gogh, Delaunay and Fabian Perez. To enquire about any of these images, order prints or commission a painting, contact Val on 07434 351027 or email val@vallawsonart.com

Spring is coming

Sunrise in the forest

An atmospheric mixed media painting on canvas, ready to hang 40x50 cm
For Sale
£120. Part of a series of tree paintings

Flamenco 3

Drama, colour and passion -captured in an Oil painting 50x70 cm.
Not For Sale
This painting is in Spain. Ask me about commissioning something similar. Prints available.

The Dancers

Inspired by Delaunay, from my sketch. Acrylics on canvas 50x70 cm
For Sale
£200. Prints available.

Reflections 2

Atmospheric, impressionist acrylic on canvas.

For Sale
£150. Prints available.

Reflections 3

Rippling reflections in an abstract image. Oil on canvas 40x40 cm.
For Sale

Blue Nude

Is she watching someone go or hoping they arrive? Oil on canvas 50x70 cm.
For Sale

Strictly Tango

The passion, drama and intensity of the Argentine tango; oils on canvas
For Sale
£200 Prints available.

Morgan Freeman

Just love this actor, so portrait essential.
This one Ask me about portrait commissions.

Made for walking

Much loved, well worn. Where have they been? Oil on canvas 50x70 cm
For Sale
£240 Prints available.