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Anja Penger Onyett's Gallery

My work is mostly thrown on the potters-wheel and then altered and sculpted. I like to make decorative ceramics either for display in the garden, on a balcony or on a patio or indoors. I am inspired my natural forms, flowers and seed-heads. All my work is suitable for outdoors all year round. Contact me under anja_penger_onyett@ceramicsbuyanja.co.uk

3 mini poppy seed heads

Saturn Meteorites

Stoneware spheres, suitable for outdoors
For Sale
depending on size £39-£59


ceramics Rosehips on copper rods
For Sale

ceramic Poppy Seed Heads

Mini version on copper rods; large version on bespoke metal rod
For Sale
£42 for mini £98 for large


ceramics thistle on bespoke metal rod, suitable for outdoors
For Sale

Handbag Vase

oval shaped vase
For Sale
depending on size small £55 medium £65 large £75

Windowsill Vases

small vases, ideal for the windowsill
For Sale

Mini Bowls

ceramic bowls, various colours
For Sale

slab built Vase

square slab built Vase, decorated with Engobes and Glazes
For Sale

Seaurchin Vase

ceramic vase
For Sale