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Ron Yellon's Gallery

Hi, I’m Ron, an economist turned artist, painting with acrylics at my home garden studio in Bedford. You are invited to share my journey.

Seeing the world through a complex lens can be challenging. Some artworks are highly personal projects on contemporary themes, yet open to interpretation. Others are playful re-imaginings: existing artworks given an inspired personal twist.

I'm thrilled to showcase my work in my online gallery and store.

(01234) 865869

ron-yellon contemporary-artist acrylic-paintings

Feel the Breeze

An impressionistic work inspired by Putnoe Wood, Bedford
20" x 16"


A homage to three famous Georges painted when a loved one got sick
20" x 16"

Lost Identity

Experience of role loss tinged with hope
36" x 36"

Mill on the Bay

A modernisation of Cezanne's view of "The Bay of Marseille"
36" x 36"

Mountain Village

Braque's "Houses at L'Estaque" transformed in winter
20" x 16"

Optimism and Pessimism

A study of the duality of emotions
(after Italian futurist, Balla)
20" x 30"

Rainy Night

Romance blossoms in the City Centre
24" x 36"

Seen something you like?

Original artworks
(acrylic on canvas)
Giclee prints
And more.

All items shown are for sale. A choice of formats & sizes. Giclée Prints from £69 (Paper) or from £85 (Canvas) Paintings from £475. Free UK P&P on all.

It's all about connection

Hi-res images: www.ronyellonart.com
Email: ron@ronyellonart.com

P.S. Want something different? A gift? A fund-raise? A feature wall? I'm open. Let's chat over coffee (at 2m) no obligation. It'll be fun.