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Catherine McCartney Smith's Gallery

“I have a special interest in what an image communicates, in emotional responses to the world, and in particular human relationship." Catherine learned the Mische technique with artist Brigid Marlin where she rekindled a love for imaginative art. Yet she has always had an interest in portraiture turning her hand from a traditional style to one that is more expressive.
Catherine has exhibited internationally and her painting "The Greening of the Soul" is part of a permanent collection in Vienna.

Mische Technique

Creation in Balance

Mische technique painting using oil glazes
40x60cm including Frame
For Sale

After the Ball

Mische technique painting using oil glazes
40x50cm including frame
For Sale

Raining Frogs

Mische technique painting using oil glazes
35x45cm including frame
For Sale

Hector, prince of Dogs

Oil painting
Not For Sale

The Greening of the Soul

Mische technique painting using oil glazes.

Not For Sale


Portrait commission.
Oil on canvas 30x40cm
Not For Sale
From £500


Giclee print
35x35cm box canvas
For Sale


45x35cm box canvas
For Sale

Two Trees

Acrylic on board
For Sale